2D Flash Animation_ KONGSUNI Picture Diary   콩순이의 쑥쑥동요

2D Flash Animation   |   2 mins x 100 Episodes  |   Korean / Chinese / English

Korean / Chinese / English  |   Online Platform / IPTV / OTT  |   Distributing in : South Korea 

There are many different kinds of lifeforms living on planets in the universe. Among them, dinosaurs that are now extinct on Earth live on the planet called the Dino Planet. The dino-explorers are dispatched in order to let the children of Earth know about the diversity and the beauty of life.

The dino-explorers are a team of explorers consisting of Dr.Beard, a dinosaur expert who has dedicated his whole life on researching the extinct dinosaurs, and transformable robot dinosaurs. They discover dinosaurs through exploration to help them, and befriend them.


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